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Pennsylvania Hispanic Republican Group Makes Waves in Harrisburg, Honors PA Sen. David Argall

The Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania placed the only Spanish-language messages for Republicans in the Commonwealth in 2022, and is building our movement for the battles ahead.

Harrisburg — The Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania (HRCP), a state PAC carrying the message of the Republican Party into Pennsylvania’s growing and right-trending Hispanic communities, hosted grassroots activists and elected officials in Harrisburg for a fundraising event honoring Northeast-PA State Senator David G. Argall for his leadership in supporting our movement.

Jennie Dallas, state Chair of the Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania, lauded the Harrisburg event and the group’s efforts: “The amount of support our organization has received in Harrisburg from our elected Representatives and State Senators is overwhelming. Our coalition is energized and excited to move forward vigorously to win over Hispanic voters in the state of Pennsylvania, a group that Republicans must engage in order to win elections locally and statewide.”

Albert Eisenberg of BlueStateRed, LLC, the political strategist behind the project, said: “Hispanic voters in Pennsylvania are crying out to hear a GOP message as they are facing the reality of Democratic rule in communities across the Commonwealth: increases in petty and violent crime in their communities, stagnation in public schools and weird social issues injected into the classroom, and stalling economic opportunity. The Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania is doing the work that the GOP has needed to do for decades.”

Senator Kim Ward, Pennsylvania’s Senate President Pro-Tempore, spoke at the HRCP event and reflected on our need to build the Republican Party with Hispanic voters: “With more Latinos calling Pennsylvania home, it is important that we work alongside the Latino community, as they are the fastest growing population in the Commonwealth.”


Senate President and Pro-Tempore Kim Ward addresses the room at the Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg event.


Senator David Argall (R—Carbon, Schuylkill, Luzerne) receives the “El Jefe” award from HRCP Chair Jennie Dallas and consultant Albert Eisenberg.


Grassroots activists who reflect the future of the Republican Party gather in Harrisburg.

Senator David Argall, the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate Republican Campaign Committee for the second cycle in a row, was honored at the HRCP event in Harrisburg for his leadership in supporting efforts to appeal to Pennsylvania’s Hispanic communities. Argall said: “We as Republicans need to reach out to all people. If we truly want to represent everyone, this is an important constituency that deserves our attention and support. I’m honored to receive the award from the Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania!”


The Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania (HRCP) is Pennsylvania’s foremost group of Hispanic activists and supporters sharing the GOP message across our communities. We are presenting voters from Reading to Allentown to North Philadelphia a compelling, clear message about the Republican Party — the Party of the American Dream, economic prosperity, and safe communities.

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