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About Us

The Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania (HRCP) was established in February of 2022 to grow the Conservative movement by bringing Hispanic voters into the GOP tent.

HRCP believes in conserving the American values that the Republican party stands for: limited government, personal responsibility, defending the sanctity of life, and standing for American freedom both at home and abroad. 

The Hispanic community in our Commonwealth is growing, and Latinos across the country are making a great shift to the Republican party. It’s time we build on that incredible momentum and grow our Great Old Republican Party. 


Roberto Albino — Board Chair

Roberto is a native of Bethlehem and has served in ministry for over 15 years. He is currently the Latino Engagement Director for the Pennsylvania Family Institute and the Church Ambassador network as well as an assistant pastor at Central Assembly of God in Bethlehem. He also serves as the National Chapter Director for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) the world’s largest hispanic evangelical organization. 


Jennie Jenkins-Dallas — Advisor

Jennie Jenkins-Dallas is a former candidate for State Representative, 103rd District. She is a member of the Cumberland County Republican Advisory Board and a member of the Dauphin and Cumberland County Republican Women. She has worked on several campaigns and grassroots initiatives.  


Jennie is a small business owner and an active member of the community.  Her goal is to inform the Latino/Hispanic community regarding civic engagement and why they should vote republican. 


Albert Eisenberg — Advisor

Albert Eisenberg is millennial political strategist and entrepreneur who is devoted to building a Big Tent GOP and creating a conservative movement that is inclusive of all Americans. He is the Principal of the Philadelphia and Charleston-based agency BlueStateRed, and appears regularly in print in RealClearPolitics and other outlets.

Ed Flocco new.png

Ed Flocco — Treasurer

Ed Flocco is an Enrolled Agent based in Montgomery County, PA. His work supporting local candidates and committees has been invaluable in building the Republican Party in Southeast Pennsylvania.

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